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Dear Hart Law Clients, Visitors and Friends….

In order to plan my wedding, finish some renovation projects and take some time with my family, I am taking a sabbatical from the practice of law starting March 1, 2018.

I am, however, still handling 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges.   I am not sure when I will be accepting legal matters, but will post a notice here when I am accepting new law clients.

If you are a current client with an outstanding matter, please rest assured I will complete your work.  You may reach me at 828-271-4278 or at maryhart @ maryhartlaw.com.

If you are a former client and need information from your file, please email me at maryhart@maryhartlaw and put “CLIENT REQUEST” in the subject line.

If you need an attorney, please call Attorney Joanne Dykes at 828-202-5007 and let her know that I sent you.  She can either help you or give you a referral.

Thank you for visiting Hart Law!

~Mary Hart